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1920s – 1940s

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    front 3rd from right, i was wondering if you have a name for this man. I think he he may have been my father in law THOMAS O CALLAGHAN from Chapelizod who was a member of your band as a young man. Last photo
    St Patricks day 42 .
    Tommy Mc Donnell Dunboyne 0872534833

    1. BlanchBand

      Apologies for the massive delay in getting back to you. I needed to wait until one of more senior members was back playing with us to ask him if he knew.
      Unfortunately he didn’t and we have no record of names anywhere for that particular photograph.
      I’m sorry I couldn’t be of greater help to you.

    2. vera

      may be Georgie johnson or his brother.

      1. Cecil Johnston

        The photo of the band St Patricks Day 1942 the 3rd person from the right was indeed George Johnston, late of Church Avenue, Blanchardstown. Vera was correct in that regard but he didn’t have a brother although his Dad George also played in the band and is I think back row 2nd from the left. He is also in the 1925 photo, back row, 2nd from the right.


        Cecil George Johnston

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