Video Gallery

South of Ireland Band Championships, Clonakilty, 2013 to 2019

For videos of all our performances at the South of Ireland Band Championships since 2013, check out our YouTube channel, where we have recordings of 25 different pieces.

RTÉ’s Capital D, 2008

The following is a programme about the band broadcast on RTÉ’s Capital D programme in 2008. It includes music by the band recorded at Farmleigh House with the Steadfast Shoes Brass Band, Carrickmacross and the Newtown Silver Band, visiting from Wales. It also includes interviews with some of the band members.

The Purple Taxi (Un Taxi Mauve), 1977

The following is a clip from the final scene of the 1977 movie The Purple Taxi (Un Taxi Mauve), featuring Peter Ustinof, Charlotte Rampling & Fred Estaire. This scene features the Blanchardstown Band playing on the bandstand on Dún Laoghaire Pier while the ferry departs in the background….The conductor recieved an Oscar nomination for his performance!

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