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The Blanchardstown Sound

This poem about the Band was written in 1971 by a local bard Tommy Bracken who lived in the Sandpits, Castleknock. The poem illustrates the affection by which the Blanchardstown Brass Band is held by the local community.

The Blanchardstown Sound

They blow and they pound
The Blanchardstown sound
The beat is something grand,
And for many a year
There’s always been a cheer
For the sound of the Blanchardstown Band

The Merseyside beat
Would bow in defeat
Joe Loss would be struck to the ground
The Garda Band at the races
Would have awe struck their faces
If they heard the Blanchardstown sound

The bands of the Army
Would in envy turn “barmy”
Or even retreat underground,
No need in denying
And no use in trying
To compare with the Blanchardstown sound

All of the bands
O’er the world ever played
There’s still yet one to be found,
Like our village brass band
The pride of our land
Long live the Blanchardstown sound

by Tommy Bracken, 1971

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